A Holiday to Remember

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve told you that I am an unpublished author and have written a few stories, each in different stages of the process, however I haven’t told you much about the stories or the stages they are in, or why I chose to write them.

This post is about my completed story… A Holiday to Remember. I have gone through the planning stage, the writing stage and the editing stage and have decided my story is complete and I am happy with it, which wasn’t an easy thing to do I must admit.

A Holiday to Remember is a horror/romance story about 4 young adults, fresh out of college who start off their summer vacations by taking a two week holiday to Dartmoor, Devon. They have never been on holiday together before so all of them are a little worried about whether their friendships are strong enough to last or not. They are all going looking for an adventure before they begin university in the fall and the local pub landlord is more than willing to provide them with a little background information to the area. As the holiday continues they begin to realise there could be more truth to the legends and myths than any of them would like to admit. Can they all get through the holiday unharmed?

I decided to write this story after visiting the Dartmoor area for a day. On my trip I was captivated by the sheer beauty of the area but began to wonder if something sinister could happen in such a beautiful place and my mind started to wonder into my author world. So once I returned home, I rushed to the internet to research the area and was surprised by all the information I discovered regarding the legends and myths of Dartmoor. There were so many I had to try and pick only a few to use in my story and from their sparked my full idea, and the rest as they say “is history”.

Has anyone else been inspired quickly by a brief visit to a place?

Enjoy 🙂

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3 thoughts on “A Holiday to Remember

  1. Hey, Georgina. This sounds really interesting!
    There have been a few places that have inspired me to write – mainly outdoors places like the ocean and mountains. I’ve never been to Dartmoor but believe it’s amazing.
    So glad you’ve completed your novel – best of luck with it!

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