What is Love?

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for reading my posts and following me, I hope you are enjoying them.

This post is to provide you with information on the story I wrote when I was about fourteen and am, at the moment, subsequently re-writing after having lost it. I was young when I wrote it but I am still surprised by how intriguing and interesting the story was, from what I can remember. I was naive enough though to only have one copy of my story… All written in notebooks and paper and as a result, after lending it to a friend to read it was lost. He claimed his “dog ate it”! So as a result I have been attempting to re-write the story. I have learnt a lot about writing and life in general since I was fourteen and as a result I am adapting the story as I go to improve it using what I have learnt.

What is Love is a young adult romance story… As if you couldn’t guess! It is a story about a young girl, who faces quite a lot of struggles at first just as she is starting university, which is stressful enough. Throughout the story she tries to understand what love is, both romantically and with her family. Is it being blood related, accepting someone for who they are or is it as simple as caring about someone? Can she make it through her first year without her heart being crushed completely by those she thought cared about her?

This story has been one which has always surprised me by my writing ability. The prologue is one of the best things I believe I have written and I can’t read it without being filled with emotions, no matter how many times I read it. The main character Rachael, I have tried to portray her feelings and emotions the way I would react and as I started writing about her since I was fourteen I feel a very strong connection to this character and as I become closer to finishing her journey I become ever more proud of her.

Have any of you other writers had a connection with one or more of your characters?

Enjoy 🙂


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4 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. Sounds lovely, Georgie! Is it a novel, short story or novella?
    I thought I’d put this comment in before (but my lap top is playing up) – hope you don’t get it twice 🙂

    • Thank you, at the moment its about 100 A4 pages, so a novella I guess… But there is still more to do to it so who knows!

      Ahh ok, no I believe I only got this once 🙂

  2. Love the sound of this novel it sure keeps you wanting to read more you are so very talented my friend…keep up the beautiful work….:)

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