Book Format Surprise

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to everybody, who voted on my poll last week.

I was rather surprised by the results. Out of the 11 people who responded only 2 people said they preferred e-books to a traditional paperback or hardback book. That’s only 18%, a lot lower than I expected.

I thought the poll would be fairly even, as the way of books is progressing further and further down the e-book route.

It was also, rather nice though to see that people still appreciate physically holding a book in their hands. I personally love the look, feel and smell of a new book! However, I like the fact I can carry a small device around with me and have hundreds of books with me at any time, sure saves space in a suitcase! 🙂

My motives for running the poll were somewhat biased. I was interested in the results not only for curiosity reasons,  but also because within the next few months I am planning on self-publishing my own book and I was intrigued to learn which formats people preferred, to indentify which format to use first for submitting my work.

Anyone else surprised by the results?

Enjoy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Book Format Surprise

    • Thank you, I definitely will.
      It won’t be for a few months yet as going through a rigorous editing process at the moment as my “A Holiday to Remember” story has progressed into a series and the title has changed! All exciting stuff 🙂
      Thank you for following my posts 🙂 x

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