Bank Holiday

Hi Everyone!

So we in England have just had a lovely August Bank Holiday – 3 day weekend yay! 🙂 🙂

I must admit it has been lovely having that extra day to the weekend! I took time off from writing & editing and just spent the weekend doing nothing much.

I have noticed that nearly everyone loves a bank holiday. It’s a day off work everyone is paid for that doesn’t come out of your “Annual Leave Entitlement” … It almost feels like a treat!

Some people try and do something exciting with their day off, by going out, taking a long weekend holiday somewhere or having a new experience… To make it feel worthwhile I suppose. For me I like to use it as a rest day. A bank holiday to me is my new Sunday.

Sunday’s I like to have nothing planned and to spend the day chilling out before the new working week begins. So with a Bank Holiday Monday, it allows me to have plans for Sunday and to transfer my relaxing day to Monday.

What did I do with my bank holiday weekend then? I went out on Friday night for my friend’s birthday. Saturday I woke up very early (7:30am!) and got ready to drive to my partners’ house. We then spent the day in town and at his watching Once Upon a Time ready for the season finale on Sunday night. So Sunday, we went to the cinema… Finally saw The Dark Knight Rises!  Excellent film I thought and the end bought a tear (or two) to my eyes. Following that we watched The Bourne Legacy… Interesting film, not completely what I expected but there will definitely be a follow up so looking forward to that one already. Then on Monday, as you know, I did nothing… Except drive home again in the evening.

The one theme that radiated through my weekend was food! I couldn’t stop eating this weekend! My best treat though was definitely the Scones! Don’t they look yummy? 🙂

Yummy yummy

What did everyone else get up to over the weekend (or bank holiday for those in England)?

Enjoy 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday

  1. your weekend sounds great 🙂 The scone looks most yummy .
    We had a fab weekend , meal fri night , pub on sat eve and cinema on sunday to see ted it was great .x x

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