Hey Everyone!

Today I thought I would write about surprises. Everyone loves surprises (mostly). They can be anything from a party, guest, promotion or just a phone call.

I recently had a surprise whilst editing. The story adapted into a series! The title has changed but the main plot for book 1 has remained the same – but more on that in a later post.

I have recently organised a surprise for my partners’ birthday in a few days. He knows next to nothing about it and I haven’t given many clues so he can’t even begin to guess. As a result he is getting really excited about it and in turn I am getting excited.

I love the excitement built up around a surprise, it’s so infectious. The only feeling which tops it is the joyful reaction from the receiver, a reaction I am obviously hoping for!

However, there is always this nervous feeling that you may have gotten it wrong or forgotten something and until the day of the surprise comes around it remains as a niggling reminder of how much their reaction means to you, how much you want it to be perfect.

Luckily all of the surprises I have organised have gone down well and in all honesty I am pretty sure this one will as well.

Have any of you organised a surprise that didn’t go well?

Enjoy 🙂

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