Surprise Revealed

Hi Everyone,

So on Friday I told you all that I had a surprise planned for my partner for his birthday. Well I am pleased to tell you, it went very well indeed.

I had arranged for us to stay over in Lowestoft and we visited Africa Alive! Which is a small but lovely zoo. We always really enjoy going to zoos to see all the animals. Regardless of the place being small we still managed to spend ALL day there!

The following day we went up to Great Yarmouth where we had a day at the beach and visited the Sea Life Centre. We watched the sharks being fed which was exciting. They also had a walk way bit where you actually went under the tank and they could swim above you! I found that a little daunting to be honest and did start to freak out a little when the bigger sharks swam over head.

I did “man-up” and put my hand in the water of the rock-pool experience and had Shrimp scampering about my hand, very very strange feeling. I also touched a Star Fish, which felt like squidgy Velcro! 🙂

My partner was pleased with the two outings I had arranged and his present. Apparently he loved the time we spent together and how excited we both were. He also enjoyed it being a surprise and didn’t find out until we were almost at the first place!

So all in all a great few days was had indeed, I’ll try and add some pictures once they are on my laptop.

Enjoy 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Surprise Revealed

  1. Indeed I did have an amazing time
    It is always nice to visit new places and spend time with you ❤
    I loved being 'hands on' with the animals and everyone seemed happy to answer questions too
    Seeing the sharks being fed was definitely a highlight as well as my dance 😉
    Love you lots and thank you for a great few days
    ❤ ❤ xx xx xx xx

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