Hi Everyone!

I promised you all an update on one of my stories I was editing. The story is A Holiday to Remember, which I have mentioned in an earlier post.

This title has now changed! It is now called Cursed.

“Why is this?” I hear you asking.

Well this is because recently I have been going through a vigorous editing process and whilst doing so my story has evolved. I always felt this book had more to give and as a valued friend and fellow writer (Marantha D. Jenelle; once said to me, “this book doesn’t want to be alone”. She was right! This has since developed into a series! Yay 🙂

The series is called Cursed, same as book 1.

So why wasn’t this written first as a series? In all honesty I didn’t have any idea of how to follow it. I knew it needed a follow up, I could feel it, but at the time the characters wouldn’t show me how to. After a VERY early brain storming session with my partner the series idea was developed and I became a very excited and motivated writer. 🙂 🙂

Since that idea, I have been researching like crazy, editing like crazy and generally running out of energy! I have edited like never before and I am getting there. A lot slower than I would like but it has to be done correctly. After gaining valuable feedback I had to re-write the WHOLE of chapter one, as I mentioned before in a previous post. I now feel my beginning chapters are a lot better and grip the reader quicker.

However, I still have more editing to do as I am an offender of over using punctuation & common words such as “that” or “was” – so these need to be removed where applicable.

Ok, so you know the title of the series and book 1… So what is book 1 about? Please visit my Cursed Page for more information on this. I will put up little snippets in the future as well, so keep an eye out for those!

Has anyone else been editing and their book developed and changed a lot?

Enjoy 🙂

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