Talking To Yourself…

Hey Everyone,

I had an interesting conversation Friday night with my twin sister and her partner.

As a writer I am prone to lots of thinking and talking to myself in my thoughts. My sister was having a debate with her boyfriend about it and asked me if I ever spoke to myself in my head and without thinking I said “yes all the time, I always have things running around my brain, mostly when I am alone in the car.”

She then asked me if it was my own voice talking, as in did I know the pitch and sound of the thoughts in my head. I said again “yes, when I hear my thoughts it sounds the same way as when I hear myself actually speak”. She said “oh”.

It seems my sister doesn’t talk to herself much as she doesn’t know what she sounds like and on the rare occasion when she does she visualises herself talking.

The way she tried to explain it was: “on programmes when everything disappears and there is just that person alone in a white space…”

I was rather shocked to discover that my sister didn’t talk to herself as I am always talking to myself and thought this was a natural thing. Even her partner talks to himself sometimes.

My sister generally says her thoughts out loud, even if she is alone, so I guess that is probably why.

I recently asked my own boyfriend about it and he too said he didn’t talk to himself really. So now I am wondering if my weird creative mind is normal?!

Does anyone else talk to themselves? And if so, what’s it like for you?

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10 thoughts on “Talking To Yourself…

  1. I have a vivid imagination and have often worked out scenarios in my mind
    I can imagine an up coming situation and play out my options or even take myself into a fantasy situation either for inspiration or to just pass some time
    I have been walking or cycling on many occasions whilst doing this (especially early morning) and feel like the rest of my actions are on ‘autopilot’
    Many years ago I used to cycle to work and not remember th majority of the journey
    I never hear my voice speaking to me but I do hear my thoughts

  2. I am the sister she is talking about and I was thinking about it today and discovered that I think a lot to myself and that is my way of talking to myself. In that I think to myself the same way I would think about writing a sentence on a page or a message to someone.

  3. I am constantly talking to myself – particularly when I’m writing! I say things like ‘Do you think she should go there? No, that’d mean she’s spent too little time on the train and it all doesn’t fit…’ Sometimes my kids walk in and say ‘who are you talking to?’ and I think ‘oh, god, They think I’m mad’ – so I tell them I’m talking to the dogs 😀

    I think with a voice as well. I know it’s my voice and sometimes it surprises me by telling me things that make sense (and I think – how did I know that?)

    This is such an interesting subject – thank you for sharing (I’ll be thinking about this all day now!) 😀

  4. I often talk to myself. When I’m with others or in a public place I talk to myself in my head (and usually with how I hear my voice), and if I’m alone I tend to talk aloud… usually to motivate myself, haha.

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