Thank You

New Orleans: Thank you message in the grotto o...

Thank You!!

Hey Everyone,

My blog has been up and running for 3 months now, so I thought it was high time I thanked everyone.

Thank you to my 166 followers, you are all valuable and I hope you are enjoying my posts and pages. Please remember anything you would like me to talk about or any suggestions please feel free to contact me.

I’d also like to thank everyone who comments. I always enjoy reading your responses and it’s lovely to know you feel you can interact with me.

A special thank you to my top commenter’s (in no particular order):

Finally, I’d like to again thank for the seven things about me award nomination. I was so grateful so thank you. For those who would like to see my 7 facts, please look at a previous post listed below in related articles.

Before I forget – Andrea here are some cupcakes just for you 🙂

My first attempt at using an Icing Gun!

Please do get in touch, I love interacting with other authors and bloggers so please keep interacting.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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