Hello Everyone,

A few posts ago, I posted about Talking to yourself. In this post I had a poll to see how many of you also talk to yourselves. This poll is now closed – thank you to everyone who took it.

Here are the results:

Do you talk to yourself?

  • Yes = 69%
  • No = 31%

I was pleasantly surprised to see I wasn’t the only person who talks to myself. So luckily I’m not going mad! 🙂

As Dianne had said in a comment it is a very interesting subject, so I decided to do some research into the topic and here are some things I found…

Talking to oneself is meant to be the first sign of madness. Probably because speaking out loud to yourself seems odd, however some people only talk to themselves inside their heads. So does talking to yourself in either way make you mad?

In many films madness is the character losing their grip on reality and is portrayed by them talking to themselves or imagining there are others with them. This could be because these are the easiest ways to show viewers how the character is unravelling.

However this may not be the case as such anymore…

There have been a lot of studies on this topic and results show that talking to yourself helps you to learn and perform at your best.

There is also more than one kind of self talk;

  • Motivational phrases – such as “you can do it?” “you’re the best” “you deserve this”.
  • Instructional self-talk – this is where you tell yourself the instructions as you complete the task – for example learning to drive for the first time, or a child tying their shoe laces.
  • “Script talk” – this is where you tell yourself what you will say, do, write for a situation.
  • Repeated words or phrases – this helps you to find what you have lost or remember something you can’t write down or do or say straight away.

Also, “a study conducted by Dr. Adam Winsler of George Mason University deduced that kindergarten kids who talk to themselves are more confident, participating actively during class compared to their more introverted peers. By chatting with themselves, they are able to put their problems into perspective and reflect upon their past actions.” – Robinson. (2009). Talking to Yourself: Is It Normal? Available: Last accessed 20th Sept 2012.

So really we should be encouraging and embrace children who talk to themselves as it is an important part of their child development.

It is also important for adults as people talk to themselves for many reasons, they’ve lost something, stressed, confused and sometimes they have no one else to turn to, so talking to themselves helps them to rationalise the problem.

However, some people may talk to themselves just to avoid silences. Silences can sometimes be awkward and I know I for one have been talking to myself just so it doesn’t seem as awkward anymore.

I am sure we have all walked down the street and avoided the person muttering to themselves. But we must remember its normal and some “mad” people we avoid are most probably using a Bluetooth headset! It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve mistaken them. 🙂

As a result talking to oneself is healthy. So let’s all get talking!


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6 thoughts on “Results!

  1. I am a script talker it seems
    I often sound out what I am about to say or write
    I also repeat my comment in my head if I am in a busy room waiting for my chance to speak

    I found this really interesting and informative
    I have heard of and believe I know someone in each of the categories you mentioned which kinda surprised me
    I hadn’t thought of many of those situations as talking to yourself

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  3. In my early childhood years I would talk to myself. I was one of the different ones, especially because I was considered legally blind and did not fit in socially. When I think back on those days I used to wonder, how in the world could I do such an absurd thing? I must have been crazy. After reading your post, my habit made more sense.

    • Gosh that must have been tough.
      Well I am glad that my post has helped you realise you weren’t a crazy child and that you were normal.
      Thank you for sharing this comment 🙂

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