Arrogant Drivers

Hey Everyone,

This is a bit of a “pet peeve” post I’m afraid. Please accept my apologies in advance; I just felt the need to share this with you all.

For my younger readers who may not know, the definition of arrogant is:

Adjective: Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

A bit of background then, I drive to work every day during rush hour, the journey takes me roughly 1 hour and I use a major “A” road (in England) & 1 junction on a major Motorway. As a result there tends to be queues of some sort on my journey, which I tend not to be bothered by.

What I have been finding a lot recently is the large amount of arrogant drivers. By this I mean the drivers, who you let in front of you, turn off or join your road, that do not thank you.

In England a driver’s thank you is putting their hand up once they are in front of you to say thanks or flashing their hazard warning lights once as a thank you, or if you are facing the other car, flashing your lights. All three gestures are simple and quick.

However more frequently I have been finding people aren’t thanking me (or others). I find this very rude as it takes no effort at all to raise your hand.

It always seems to me, like they believe they don’t have to thank me, because a lot of them just push in front of me in a way that says they are more important than me. It does irritate me a lot because it is so so rude, as I said above, and I admit I do quietly fume in my car after the incident.

I always do my best to thank people, even more so when it’s SO obvious they have let me out. I.e. they have stopped to let me out, slowed down to let me, flashed me to let me out etc.

I get great satisfaction knowing someone has been kind enough to let me out and that I’ve been able to thank them.

It also puts a smile on my face when I am able to do the same for someone else and they thank me. It really does brighten my day, just a simple act of thankfulness.

Granted we all have our days when we don’t thank people, for many reasons such as, bad day, too much on our minds, forgetting. However, not once this week has anyone said thank you to me and on the “A” road at least there is another road which joins us, so we have to let them on, not even there have people thanked me!

A simple act of kindness goes so far nowadays, it’s a shame.

Anyone else have similar experiences? Or is it anyone else’s “pet peeve”?



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4 thoughts on “Arrogant Drivers

  1. Something similar that I often find irritating are a few bus related situations
    Firstly allowing older people or those with children/ pushchairs to board first
    It is a simple gesture allowing the older person to queue for a shorter time and get seated sooner or the parent to get their children safely seated before the bus pulls away
    It is also a gentlemanly act to allow a lady on before you
    I also offer help to anyone struggling with shopping or pushchairs too
    This doesn’t just assist that person but also speeds up the boarding process
    Once seated it is deemed polite or often requested by the bus companies to offer your seat to anyone who may need it more
    Standing passengers should also be prepared to move to allow other passengers to pass them when necessary
    Drivers rarely wait nowadays for everyone to find a seat or get a tight hold of a rail
    Even so I also believe that upon leaving any bus where you pass the driver it is only polite to thank them or say farewell
    They may be paid to do their job but there is nothing nicer than being acknowledge for a job well done
    All too often nowadays you only hear negative feedback ‘no news is good news’

    My connection here is that all too often I not only receive no thanks but can also be completely ignored by the recipient of my good deed
    This is both frustrating and disheartening because I have made an unneccesary effort on their behalf and they couldn’t even smile….

  2. I walk to work and find some drivers very rude (not giving way to pedestrians on crossings etc.) People tend to change when they get into a car. I remember an old Disney cartoon called Mr Walker and Mr Wheeler – it was a bit of a take on Jekyll and Hyde – where the lovely, gentle Mr Walker would get into his car and ‘transform’ in Mr Wheeler! It was funny to watch as a kid, but oh, so true!

    I remember when I first went to live in the country with hubby. He had grown up there and knew all the ‘road etiquette’. One day we were in the car and I was driving and there were some farmers standing on the side of the road. Hubby said, ‘give them a hello beep.’ So I planted my hand on the horn – hubby was horrified and the farmers were startled. ‘NO!’ he said, ‘it’s two short beeps!’ Hahahaha – how was I to know? 😀

  3. Americans also wave as a thank you, and I just hate it when people don’t! I agree with you, it really is a common courtesy – we all have places to be, a Thank You is only polite, especially if you see someone has gone out of their way to allow you through.

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