Hi Everyone,

How was your weekend?

I had a relaxing but disappointing weekend. I had intended to begin another full read through and edit of my story by printing it out. Friday at work, I printed the Prologue and Chapter One.

Saturday, I had a lovely lay-in. Woke up feeling very sleepy still; it would seem I had slept very deeply indeed.

I got up slowly as we had run out of milk so I couldn’t have a coffee (I don’t like black coffee). I put the TV on and watched the end of Jeremy Kyle USA, followed by The Big Bang Theory.

After having lunch I took out my printed sheets and began reading. I procrastinated online for a bit, watched some more TV. I chatted to my sister, I did some reading.

Our friend came over that evening, I watched X-Factor.

In total I read 5 pages out of the 21 I had printed. I was majorly disappointed.

Sunday, I planned to read some more in the afternoon. I got up at 10am, went shopping for the day, arrived home at around 3:30pm/4pm. We put the TV on and then our friend came over for a catch-up. We chatted, had a laugh and watched the end of A Bugs Life.

I had a quick bath before ordering a take-away. We then put on Jumanji, and then I went to bed.

So, overall I was rather disappointed with my non-editing weekend.

The good points were;

–          I got a birthday present for a friend while shopping

–          I got another Xmas present while shopping

–          I bought myself a few little bits while shopping

–          I came up with another story idea from an advert I’d seen Saturday night

So a good, well needed relaxing weekend, with disappointing editing results.

How was your weekend? Did you have anything planned?

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6 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I find that procrastination tends to happen naturally over weekends because you always think there’s more time left, so don’t be too disappointed!

    My weekend was fairly normal. I was planning to watch Enchanted with my fiance and managed to do that, and I finished some freelance work I was doing. It was a relief to send it off!

    • Yes I know, I just expected to get a little more done than I actually did!

      That sounds like a nice weekend to me. At least you got your freelance work done 🙂

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