Chasing Fears

Hi Everyone,

I have a special post today. Over the last few months of being a blogger and really concentrating my efforts on editing and being an author, I have met some wonderful people. All of you included.

So today I thought I would share a new author with you all.

Chasing Fears

Chasing Fears by Ellie Williams


Title: A Broken Paradise Series: Book 1 – Chasing Fears.
Author: Ellie Williams

Genre: Indie – covers everything from Biblical, Sci-fi, Young adult to Romance and coming of age 2012.

Blurb: ‘Chasing Fears’, the first instalment of ‘A Broken Paradise Series’.

Join us on a journey. A legend long before told. A Prophet that already once walked the Earth some 2007 years ago. 

The difference is this; this Prophet had to carry a burden of another kind but also share his burden as well. The Human-race will learn their not alone in this Universe, they will learn they’ve been watched with repulsion from not so far away. 

Two worlds brought together by a common enemy, a common ancestry and a common goal. Earth’s sister planet ‘Bavola’ banished it’s Queen from its tranquillity, only to cage her in a human child of ‘EliLi’ the planet you know as Earth.

Chasing Fears is the story of this child, now woman, struggling to contain the evil that was imprisoned inside her from birth; the clock long ticking before her time. Awen Morgan is forced to face her destiny, forced to accept the truth about her bloodline, unable to comprehend her responsibility, she fled to America to find comfort in her friends, but only found more truth of her prophecy and the underground nation of Earth born Bavolian’s living here. With the Mayan prediction of 2012 upon her, the cycle completion of the Zodiac Venus, the Galactic Centre Show and most importantly the passing of the 5th Sun, can Awen survive this journey and take the soul inside her back to Bavola; alive. 

Oh! And do you really want to know what Jesus was really protecting you from?

Release Date: 25th Sept 2012
Where to buy: Amazon Kindle 

This is an interesting read so why not take a little time to take a look.

Mini Interview:

1.      What first drew you to writing?

I had been writing all my life. When I was about four or five I used to write poems from Disney Movies lol. I began short stories when I was around eight, always loved to sing and dance, was always leading or supporting roles at school. I began writing screenplays/ miniseries and scripts around the ages of eleven or twelve. High school I studied Performing Arts, almost went to College on my Creative writing but went other directions.

 2.      What gave you the inspiration for this series?

My Books series (A Broken Paradise) began as a exam paper for English Lit in form 2. My Teacher, Mr Swain, loved my stories, always said I should follow my dreams, supported me until I finished school. Back then A Broken Paradise didn’t have a name per se, but it had a sub-name, it was called ‘This Way To Paradise’ and it was about 100 pages long lol.

 3.      Where were you when you first come up with this series idea?

High School

 4.      What made you decide you wanted the world to share in your work?

When one book turned into five! It has evolved since high school. ‘This Way To Paradise’ is now the 3rd installment to my ‘A Broken Paradise Series’, Chasing Fears now the beginning to Awen’s journey.

My final draft of Chasing Fears was accomplished in the summer of 2010 after the long before completion of books two ‘The Alliance’ and three ‘This Way To Paradise’. And since then there are now two more books to add to the Series – Book 4 ‘In Ruins’ and Book 5 ‘The Battle For EliLi’; Book 6 is a maybe.

But it was when I realised I had so much to give to this series that I decided I couldn’t keep them to myself. Maybe there was a reason to why I had written so many and I hope it was going to inspire a lot of attention (good or bad!) but hopefully please a lot of people.

 5.      What made you choose Amazon as your publisher?

A friend of mine, Tracey Bisdee. She had published her long and awaited novel ‘Killing Laura’. I fully supported her on it and was so proud of her I promised I’d follow lol. 

She gave me the confidence to let go of my fears of publishing my work, she helped me fight my demons of failure. Tracey helped me see the enjoyment and excitement of it all, to embrace the modern way of publishing.

 Self- publishing is hard work; but it’s also rewarding. I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get somewhere, it’s the journey in which you take that, matters, and I felt by publishing my work, (even if fate were to only have the first book) that I had still accomplished something.

 And if Chasing Fears gets the recognition is deserves then I’ve earned my place in the world by doing it myself, for fighting and meeting my goal. I can actually say that I over-came my fears, that on a personal level, book one was so appropriate to call “Chasing Fears”, not only because Awen was chasing hers, but because I was also chasing mine!

 6.      How has your experience been with Amazon?

It’s been pretty good; they provide you with the best promotional packages and support your work. It’s been easily days but I’m very pleasured with the services I have been provided with.

 7.      Where is your favourite place to write?

I love it outside. It’s not been great weather here in the mountains lately. 🙂 But we’ve had lovely breaking showers and the sun is always beautiful when it comes out. I love sitting out in my back garden and listening to the birds, listening to the everyday beauty of the quiet enigmatic wild life in which I’m honored to sit and witness. We have a local fox, we call her Tilix! She comes to my house often and she sits and watches me from afar, she’s lovely.

 8.      When will book 2 be released?

Book two release will be 10th November 2012. Hoping to have it all tip topped and ready to go. As you know Georgie I had troubled picking a front cover lol.

~ * ~

Also, please please please leave her some feedback. This is her first novel and she would really appreciate all the honest comments you can all provide to help her grow and improve.

If you have any questions or suggestions for Ellie please write them in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Chasing Fears

  1. The series sounds both exciting and intriguing.
    I wish you all the best with this and future books and I know Georgina will do everything she can to support you along the way
    I enjoyed reading about you and I am sure you are both heading for great things 🙂

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