Guy Fawkes

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)

Hi Everyone,

How was your weekend? Did anyone see any fireworks?

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So today is the 5th November, Guy Fawkes day.

“Remember; remember the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot.”

I love firework night and firework displays. It’s a night to wrap up and stand with the one you love or your friends and family and stare up at the sky watching the spectacular colours.

I still cover my ears for the loud bangs and still “ooh” and “ahh” at the colours and displays. I am always tempted to buy a childish flashing light toy and wave it around making shapes.

I love sparklers even though they make me nervous. I always try and spell out my name with them.

I then enjoy going to see the bonfire being lit and watch the dancing flames so intensely my eyes water.

It is a night I always feel close to my family and partner. For the past few years though I’ve never been with my partner on the day our firework display is on.

This year I got to spend it at his. I got to snuggle up close for warmth and feel his loving arms around me as I gazed at all the pretty lights in the sky. We didn’t go to an actual display but went for a walk Sunday night up to the garage for some nibbles and we saw quite a few going off so stopped and watched. 🙂

Firework night is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s one of the only times I am prepared to stand out in the cold getting neck ache from staring upwards so long.

I enjoy watching the young kids running around with their flashy toys and “oohing” and “ahhing” along with me.

Do you enjoy fireworks?

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12 thoughts on “Guy Fawkes

  1. Fireworks … Um I have never purchased any as would rather go to organised displays find its more of a buzz seeing everyones faces at all the colours shapes bangs etc , the whole atmoshere is just great but this year we are getting over flu and chest infection so didnt want to chance the cold.
    We jumped up when we heard some going off only to see just a few so we stand there to wait for more so its all stopped now we say , go and sit down and soon as you do they start again typical …..
    I can remember when we were kids my older brothers used to set some off in our garden Dad would build the bonfire leading up to the day , potatoes would be in the fire and sausages on sticks cooking , lovely memories only thing I didnt like was my brothers chasing me with jumping jacks and throwing bangers behind us .. ( brothers !!! )
    Anne x

    • Sounds just like my uncles lol
      Bullys 😛
      I have only set fireworks off once but, as with anything you are a part of running, it’s not the same as just watching them 😀

  2. I love watching fireworks
    Often the weather this time of year isn’t the best for a good display or standing outside but on the whole it’s worth it
    I don’t need an excuse to cuddle up to you sweetie but it can be very romantic both huddled together and looking up in adoration at the amazing colours and patterns
    It’s always nice to see something new or surprising as some can be a little same-ish (I like to make up words) lol

    I had every intention of arranging a display for you but if you’ve looked into firework prices you may see why I changed my mind lol
    The best thing about fireworks are that you can enjoy many displays at once and nobody objects as they don’t know you are watching 😀
    x ❤ x x ❤ x

  3. I used to enjoy fireworks, but where I live, people launch fireworks over every small thing. Over the course of the day, you may get to observe and hear at least 3 firework displays, and after a while it gets pretty bothersome and noisy. =/

  4. I love watching fireworks. When we were little we could let them off in the back yard – but they were banned in Australia several years ago and now the only ones we see are when they put on a show for everyone. But these are still great! 🙂

  5. I don’t think we really celebrate Guy Fawkes day in the US, unfortunately. I’ve heard of it though, and I’m quite jealous as it seems like a lot of fun! There really is something magical about fireworks, isn’t there? So glad you got to spend this year with your partner 🙂 it sounds like a lovely night.

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