Cursed Update

Hi Everyone,

How are you all doing?

I thought I would give you all an update on my Book 1 Cursed. As you know I am editing it still. This is a slow process for me as I work full time so I am having to do my editing in my spare time as I’ve printed the manuscript out to edit.

I have been struggling to find time at the moment, but after a few weeks of hardly being able to do any I have actually done it! I have finished the editing on the printed out version, now I need to type up these changes and then work on the cover designs to put to vote (so keep an eye out).

I have found that printing it out has identified simple mistakes I missed a hundred times reading it on screen! I was so shocked as on the very first page was a sentence with a word repeated twice when it should have only been there once. I have re-read my manuscript tons of times on screen and my partner and sister have read it also and all of us missed it because it was “the”.

I was so pleased I printed it out as this gave me a new perspective on my work. It is surprising how just looking at it in a different format makes so much difference!

I now need my discipline back to get on with typing up the edits so I can sort out sending it to the publishers!

On that note, I will be posting soon about my cover choices. Please can you all make an effort to vote as your opinions are very important to me.

I will also have the choices on my Facebook (see contact me page) if you would like to vote that way.

Choices should be coming Monday 12th Nov!


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6 thoughts on “Cursed Update

  1. You and this soon to be best-seller 😀 have come a long way Sweetie
    It’s a long and sometimes daunting process but your story and characters have developed so much since the first edit and having grown into a trilogy makes for a lot more work to come
    It doesn’t matter how long it takes but whether you have put your all into it
    No use rushing it and not being as happy
    It was never going to be easy but then nothing worth doing ever is
    Love you lots and you have my help and support as always
    ❤ ❤ xx xx xx xx

  2. It’s amazing what mistakes you find when you print it out! I much prefer printing my work because it also gives you an idea of how it will look in book form.

    Can’t wait to see your cover designs 😀

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  4. Isn’t it strange how, when you’re used to seeing something/expecting it to look a certain way, you can totally overlook errors? Your brain knows what you meant to write, so that’s what it sees! This happens to me a lot as well. Printing out a copy really does change how you read. I know I catch more mistakes on paper than on the screen, too!

    Good work on tackling the editing 🙂

    • Yes it really is strange. I must admit I was a little horrified to notice the simple mistakes! But luckily I’ve got them now. So time to start putting them on the computer version.

      Thank you 🙂

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