Common Colds

Cough and the Common Cold

Cough and the Common Cold (Photo credit: RobertFrancis)

Hi Everyone,

How has your week been?

Sorry this is only a short post today but I’ve not been very well.

I thought I’d post today about colds! I’ve been suffering this week with a terrible cold. It drove me to having 2 days off work and snuggling in my bed


That may not sound like a big deal but I don’t get ill and I don’t have sick leave from work. So it hit me pretty hard. But I am back feeling better today.

It is very irritating that there is no real cure for the common cold. People use different kinds of stuff. I personally stick to paracetamol, as I find the cold and flu remedies aren’t effective enough for me.

Although, I do love a homemade hot lemon drink!

What are your remedies? 

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12 thoughts on “Common Colds

  1. These seasonal lurking sicknesses are never a quality time ! Honestly, staying away from all processed products has helped boost my immunity ,because over the past few months,I’m only taking in natural foods/drinks! Hope you feel better very soon:))

  2. I hope you get better soon – poor thing! 😦 There’s nothing worse than those miserable colds!

    My cure is home made chicken soup – it’s like a shot in the arm (in fact I think home made chicken soup cures just about any ailment!)

  3. I recently published a book through, so I am sending you a friend request on Facebook since we seem to have some interests in common.

    The chicken soup is a good idea because it can thin your congestion. But the best defense is lots of vitamin C and various ways to prevent mucus, like nasal irrigation–unpleasant as it is.

    Gargle with Cepacol to stop a sore throat, or apply it with a cotton swab if you don’t like to gargle.

    Get well soon!

  4. I prefer a few shots of brandy, with half a cup of water, and tsp of honey, microwaved for about 1 min and drink. If anything, you’ll sleep well 🙂

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