Family Gatherings

Hey Everyone,

I thought today I’d post about family gatherings as I know for my American friends they have just had Thanksgiving – so a belated happy thanksgiving.

Over the weekend my family all gathered at my sister’s house to celebrate the almost completion of her extension.

There was lots of nibbles, soft drinks, sweets and cake (made by me)

The music was up and the conversation was flowing. It was great fun, mostly as a family we all get along great, we gossip and have a laugh.

Two of my older sisters decided to give us a show. Below is the video of them remaking Footloose!

It was hilarious but that was only the beginning! The Xbox Kinect was turned on and the games began!

However, this was nothing compared to how it will be on Boxing Day!

I hope my American friends have had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday and I hope my other friends have all had good weekends.

Still only 28 days until Christmas!



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