Christmas Is Coming

Hey Everyone!

Christmas is fast approaching! Only 24 days to go!

I must admit I have been fairly organised this year. I had my Christmas shopping list organised by September and I had started buying!

I am finishing my Christmas shopping on Saturday and don’t have many people left to get for as I did most of mine.

The main reasons for being so organised is because in my family there are a lot of birthdays in December which add to the cost of Christmas.

Also, I get paid earlier in December so January becomes an extremely long month. So I prefer not to use my December pay for any presents.

The only thing I hate about Christmas is the wrapping! It is a long task which ALWAYS gives me back ache no matter how or where I sit!

However, seeing people’s reactions when they open it is always worth it 🙂

Next week or so we are putting up our Christmas decorations! We always put them up for mine & my twins birthday (11th). It really feels like Christmas when they are up 🙂

How ready are the rest of you for Christmas?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming

  1. Well done on getting your shopping done! I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I like seeing what everyone does on this holiday. 🙂 I don’t like wrapping presents either, but like you, I do enjoy watching people’s reactions.

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