christmas stars

christmas stars (Photo credit: mararie)

Hi Everyone,

How was your weekend?

I am now pleased to boast that I have finished my Christmas shopping! Tonight I start wrapping 😦

Apologies for this post, I was rather busy this weekend so was lax and didn’t really think about what to post today.

So update – I have signed the contract with my publishers and now just awaiting sending instructions 🙂

I have another author profile coming for you guys on Friday! So everyone keep your eyes peeled 🙂

People are starting to put up their Christmas decorations. All the bright sparkling lights are popping up 🙂

My birthday is in 8 days so I am getting incredibly excited 🙂 I absolutely love birthdays.

What are you all looking forward to? Do you enjoy Christmas? If you don’t celebrate Christmas what sort of things do you do around this time of year?


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I’ll be moving house and rebuilding house – so I won’t have much time (except for Christmas Day) to but pressies and set up all the Christmas decorations 😀

    Well done for getting all your shopping done!

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