Author Profile – A Chinese Christmas Carol

Hi Everyone,

Here is the third in my Author Profiling posts! Please welcome Puiyin Labial!

She is a blogger too like many of my other Author profilers.

So here is another new/unknown author to share with you all.

A Chinese Christmas Carol by Puiyin Labial

A Chinese Christmas Carol by Puiyin Labial

Title: A Chinese Christmas Carol

Author: Puiyin Labial

Genre: Family, general fiction, drama

After the birth of her daughter, Joie’s life begins to fall apart as she becomes a whole different person. She is not the happy person she once was. She is always constantly arguing with her husband, she has lost the motherly bond with her daughter, and worst of all, she is physically hurting herself in order to find relieve when she loses control of her emotions. Then one evening, she decided to take a walk down a small lane and she comes across a woman.

From then on wards  she begins to find herself going back and re-living specific moments of her childhood past. At first, she thinks that she is just dreaming, and so, she thinks nothing of it. But as she keeps re-living those past moments, she begins to realise that she is more than just dreaming. She begins to realise that each time she is re-living a moment, it is leading to a major past event that had a big impact on her.

One day, after a big, heated argument with her husband, Joie physically hurts herself through a dangerous and life-taking way that becomes fatal. After that, she finds herself back in her childhood past at the time when the major event had taken place. And from there, she embarks on a journey where she will re-live the lies, pain, betrayal, and deceit. But re-living the past is only the beginning of her journey.
Release Date: 18 May 2010
Where to buy:  (Available in soft cover, hardcover, and eBook)

Puiyin’s other book is:

  • Family Sorrow (published 28 June 2012). Available on Amazon Kindle  

Mini Interview:

1.      When did you first start writing?

I started writing from a very young age, around six  years old. My father was very strict with my studies, especially when it came to English. He would make me write a one-page story every day (including weekends and holidays). My father might have seemed harsh, but surprisingly, I enjoyed writing the one-page story every single day. I also had no problem thinking about what to write, because at that time, I often read a lot of fantasy and adventure books by Enid Blyton. And her books always gave me lots of imaginative ideas about fairies and magical lands. Although my father stopped being strict on the one-page story when I was around twelve years old, I still continued to write, but not every single day like before.

 2.      What drew you to writing family and drama stories?

The painful experience I went through with (not my parents) the rest of my family, including the family from my mother’s side after the death of both of my parents. I didn’t get the emotional support that I needed from the rest of the family. Instead, they were cruel to me. I was alone. It took me years to come to terms with the loss. And in order for me to put everything behind and move on, I had to write everything down.   

 3.      Where does your inspiration for these stories come from?

My family and their history. When I was young, my parents would always tell me stories about their childhood. Both of my parents had very different upbringings. They experienced abuse, racism, discrimination, infidelity, betrayal, and loss. I felt the need to write the book, because their stories were so inspirational to me in their own ways. They went through such hardships that they made sure I didn’t have the kind of childhood and upbringing that they had.  

 4.      Who did you decide to publish with?

Xlibris Publishing.

 5.      Why did you choose them?

At that time, I was new to the publishing industry. I also wasn’t ready to go mainstream, so as I was researching for  a self-publishing company, I just felt that Xlibris was right for me in terms of the wide range of publishing packages that they offered.

 6.      What has your experience been like with them?

Good. They worked really hard to put my book together, and they would constantly keep me updated through emails and phone calls. There is always someone to contact 24/7. There were a number of people working on my book, including the marketing team. Along the publishing process, they would call and introduce themselves to me and let me know how my book is doing.  

 7.      Where is your favourite place to write?

At home and in Soho London. When I need inspiration or ideas, I always go to Soho to chill and have coffee at an outdoor coffee shop. Soho in London is a place where you can really be yourself. It has such an accepting and friendly environment, which is why I like to hang out there. But when it’s time to actually write, I would need to be at home, at my desk by the open window facing the back garden. Plus, I cannot work without coffee, so whether I am in Soho or at home, I always have a large cup of coffee or a Starbucks Latte (major Starbucks Latte addict) with me. 

 8.      You’ve mentioned your other book that was released in June this year… Can you tell us a bit about this book?

‘Family Sorrow’ is a story based on the accounts of my parents’ lives, and how their childhood, up-bringings, struggles, hardships, and the sorrow and misfortune in within their family affected the way I was brought up.

The book tells the story of Russell Wang, Elena Feng, and their daughter, Millie Wang.

Russell is a bright and gifted child who is born into a poor and humble Chinese family. He has a younger brother who is the complete opposite to him, a mother who works hard to support the family, and a father who constantly abuses him.

Elena is Eurasian who is born into a middle-class Chinese family. She also has three half sisters who despise her.

Millie is born into a privilege life. But everything changes in her early teens when a tragedy strikes in the family and she becomes a different person. 


Thank you so much for sharing all this with us Puiyin. Your inspiration is heart warming.

Also, just like before if you have any questions or suggestions for Puiyin please write them in the comments section below.


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  1. This is a really interesting interview both of your books Puiyin sound really interesting. I will have to take a look at purchasing them. x

  2. Hello Penny, thank you for the support and the interest in the books. I do hope you get the chance to check them out 🙂

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