Exercise and Weight loss – Fad or Forever?

Hey Everyone,

So the New Year is well under way. Like many others I have a New Year Resolution/Goal to exercise more. I have been doing well so far, except for my late start.

The reason my exercise is currently sticking to plan is because I have made it do-able. I have planned to use my leisure centre three times a week for three different types of activities. This reduces the risk of becoming bored with the activity, as well as helps to work other muscles.

However the question is, can I keep this up? Or will I “lapse” in a month or two?

Well life does have a tendency to get in the way of plans. These are generally things we can’t predict or change and as a result just have to accept. However the choice to let it affect the routine after the incident has past is something we can change.

Having a resolution to exercise more is generally a lifestyle change for most people. This involves changing our way of thinking. I for one like coming home after work and collapsing into my chair in front of the TV. I now have to change my way of thinking in order to motivate myself to get back up out of the chair and go to my leisure centre.

Now by nature humans dislike change, so this can be a hard thing to overcome. Solution? Remind yourself why you are going! You think you are fat, when you get on the scales you cry, you want to tone up, you’re losing you figure, etc. These were the reasons you decided on exercising so these are the reasons you should keep going and will eventually embrace this new way of thinking.

Exercise is something that can be forever rather than just a fad. It’s easy to exercise, whether it’s simply walking to work instead of driving or full on going to a gym.

Now the other resolution most people make is losing weight. This is a harder thing to stick to. It involves a big change for most people.

How do people try to overcome the change?

They diet. There are a ton of diets out there and they all work for short periods of time. Mostly they are used for short term fixes. For example, “I need to lose 6 lbs to fit in my new dress”. This is all well and good for short term however that’s how diets are more commonly a fad.

In order to lose weight and stay healthy you don’t need to diet, especially not the ones where you only eat certain foods. These are not good for you; you miss out on vital vitamins from other foods.

So how do you lose weight without dieting?

You eat properly. You eat all three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You reduce your portion sizes so after you have eaten you feel full not stuffed. You ensure you have vegetables and fruit in your daily meals and where you can you make from scratch. This reduces the added ingredients in many supermarket prepared meals.

I have a few family members that are on diets and are doing really well on them. However I feel this is a fad. They want to get to their ideal weight and then they will eat some bad stuff again. Most will not go back to eating everything bad they did before but they won’t stick so strictly to their healthy eating plan.

I may be biased, as dieting does not work for me at all. So I am eating healthy, by including more fruit and vegetables into my daily meals and cooking as much as I can from scratch. Plus exercising at least three times a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Some people just diet and don’t exercise alongside and some people just exercise and don’t watch what they eat. In my opinion in order to lose weight and stay fit for longer there needs to be a combination of the two. I feel if there is then this resolution is more likely to remain a forever rather than a fad.

What are your opinions? Do you diet? Do you exercise? What is your experience?


11 thoughts on “Exercise and Weight loss – Fad or Forever?

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  2. Same old same old every new year diet starts , Im trying Slimfast again as it has worked for me in the past but I also have an evening meal of meat and vegetables.
    Although sometimes I get bored with it so I only have one shake and salad at lunch an usual evening meal , as its important to have your five a day as they say.
    Well I have lost 4lb this week its a start I suppose another thing that makes me bored is if I only lose a couple of pound a week I think its not worth it . Ask me again in month or so to see if Im still on it lol
    Anne x

  3. Good luck! I hope you can stick to that resolution.
    I’m planning to shed some pounds this year, but it’s quite difficult to muster up the motivation with all these delicious chocolate popping up everywhere, haha.

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