Author Profile – Hello My New Best friend (The Russian Girlfriend Scams)

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Hello My New Best friend (The Russian Girlfriend Scams) by Stephen Lee Ostrowski

Hello My New Best friend (The Russian Girlfriend Scams) by Stephen Lee Ostrowski


Title: Hello My New Best Friend (The Russian Girlfriend Scams

Author: Stephen Lee Ostrowski

Genre: Humour


When Stephen Lee Ostrowski receives suspect romance scam e-mails, he doesn’t just send them to the spam folder, he checks to see if any of them are suitable targets for scam baiting….. Playing the scammers at their own game.

He concentrates his efforts on the Russian girlfriend scams. These scammers send random e-mails in an effort to target lonely, vulnerable, and possibly recently divorced middle aged men, and whose sole aim is to deceive their online victim with a bombardment of love letters, accompanying photos, and promises of love and romance, which, if you are stupid enough to believe in, will cost you dearly. Many a red faced and emotionally distraught victim has fallen prey to these “Russian beauties”, who don’t actually exist at all. And many victims of these e-mail scams have parted company with large sums of money.

In “Hello My New Best Friend” Stephen takes the Russian scammers on a journey into his own world of make believe, adopting the role of Government spy, convict, and business entrepreneur, with hilarious results. Mostly using his alter ego identity of “Wayne Kerr” Stephen leads the scammers up the garden path with promises of marriage, wealth, and prosperity, while clearly making fun of the perpetrator with his own unique brand of humour.

Release Date: 11th August 2012
Where to buy:


5.0 out of 5 stars Truly a great read! Go buy your copy now! 3 Oct 2012

By Martin Dolphin ( Flipper )

This review is from: “Hello My New Best friend” (The Russian Girlfriend Scams): 1 (Paperback)

I bought my copy from Amazon 3wks ago! And have to say it is “hillarious” You really will be splitting your sides laughin! Superbly written, even to the extent of leaving spelling mistakes made in E.Mails by the scammers! Do not miss this one for only £7.99 from Amazon!!!

 5.0 out of 5 stars A brilliantly funny read, 12 Sep 2012

By Guyfawkes 

This review is from: “Hello My New Best friend” (The Russian Girlfriend Scams): 1 (Paperback)

Tanya, Natalya & Co have got somewhat of a challenge on their prettily manicured hands if they want to win the Western Union Jackpot with the likes of Wayne Kerr, Jock Strap & Co on the scene. Things can only get ugly (and they don’t get much uglier than Jock n his strap!) I’ve lent this book to loads of people who think it’s hilariously funny. The last person I lent it to nicked it (so it must be bloody good!) I’d seriously recommend you purchase a copy by the usual channels… Enjoy!

 4.0 out of 5 stars hello my new best friend (the russian girlfriend scam), 5 Sep 2012

By breda

This review is from: “Hello My New Best friend” (The Russian Girlfriend Scams): 1 (Paperback)

a great read but a bit bit rude in parts so don`t buy it for your granny for xmas. i know steve and he is an amazing guy and has been through so much in his life.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read!!!! Absolutely hilarious!, 3 Sep 2012

By Vixxy83

This review is from: “Hello My New Best friend” (The Russian Girlfriend Scams): 1 (Paperback)

This book has basically taken emails sent by so-called lonely Russian women looking for love, not everyone knows that those kind of emails are usually scams trying to scam money out of lonely men. My New Best Friend takes those scams to a whole other level, playing them at their own game and it leaves you rolling on the floor laughing. Excellent read, completely original, loved it!! Keep publishing Stephen!

Mini Interview:

1.      When did you first start writing?

I excelled in English at school (but little else) and was always writing short stories from an early age. Later in life I was always the practical joker in social circles but didn’t start writing seriously until I suffered a mid-life crisis due to my marriage break-up followed by a serious illness.  My writing projects helped me through all this. My first book “The Whirlpool” chronicles my fall from grace and consequent admission to a mental health unit, and what went on behind closed doors there. This was followed by two fictional stories: “A Witch Called Kate” and “St Mathews.

 2.      What drew you to writing humour stories?

I’ve always had a strong sense of humour and the internet opened a window of opportunities to exploit the downside of Internet dating, such as romance dating scams.

 3.      Where does your inspiration for these stories come from?

Over a period of a few years I received many e-mails from anonymous women from Russia claiming to have been enthralled by my profile, which were obvious romance scams. 

After a while I started to reply to some of them having created a number of fictional characters, with eccentric lifestyles and ridiculous stories including masquerading as a government spy and a convict to name but a few.

The scammers unwittingly corresponded for months at a time until I drove them nuts trying to collect bogus Western Union payments and eventually they would give up on me, but not before declaring multiple declarations of love while I drew them in with my own stories of either wealth and high society living, or of being incarcerated at her Majesty’s pleasure whilst waiting to be released to collect my ill gotten gains from my previous crimes. 

Any promise of money will keep the scammer interested in your persona as long as they think they will gain something financially from your exchange of e-mail and photographs.  The usual requests are for money for Visa applications/passports, and money for an airline ticket so that they can come and join you…… which of course, is never their intention.  They are simply out to scam you for every penny you are prepared to part with.  The resulting scam stories in my book are hilarious.

 4.      What has your publishing experience been like with Amazon?

Amazon’s publishing arm (Createspace) is actually a very useful publication process.  They have an excellent editing suite, and from uploading your completed manuscript through to publication is a reasonably simple process.

 5.      Where is your favourite place to write?

I usually write from home on my PC, although sometimes I will write at my partner’s place in Ashford, Kent.  I usually need peace and quiet to concentrate but often have my two year old Jack Russell around my feet trying to thrust a ball or a toy into my hand.

 6.      Who is your favourite Author? 

My favourite Author is Stephen Leather and his novel ”Private Dancer” is a story about the often unseen side to prostitution in Bangkok, such as drug use, tourist involvement with these girls, and suicide.  Having lived in Thailand for a few years I am familiar with many of the locations that are featured in this story….. So I could create my own mental picture of a particular scene or location whilst reading through the book.  It’s a brilliant read and as near to the truth as you are likely to ever read about on this subject…


Thank you so much for sharing this with us Stephen. It sounds like a very funny story indeed and I am pleased you have been able to use your life experiences to help yourself and entertain others.

Any questions or suggestions for Stephen please write them in the comments section below.


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