Author Spotlight – June McCullough

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I know I am not due to do a post today but I just wanted to share this author with you I discovered from a Facebook group I’m in.

Author Bio: June McCullough has always been a writer of stories, but this was a well kept secret until she became the published author of On the Other Hand in 2011. As a baby boomer, June watched several people in her life go through the same experience that the main character in On the Other Hand, Nina Andrews, goes through when her husband, Mike, dies suddenly from a stroke. With baby boomers now making up a large portion of the population worldwide, people everywhere are relating to this story, either through their own experience, or watching someone they love go through it.

This novel was so well received that people kept asking her when her next novel would be published, and so she dusted off her old manuscripts and published Home to Stay, a contemporary romance that takes place just outside Calgary, Canada.

She is currently working on her third novel, Retribution. It’s all about payback.

Find out more about June and read what readers are saying by visiting her website at

Book titles:

  • On the Other Hand
  • Home to Stay

Formats available and prices:

  • On the Other Hand: Softcover $15.95 and Kindle $7.69
  • Home to Stay Softcover: $14.95 and Kindle $3.99

Publication Date:

  • On the Other Hand: August 2011
  • Home to Stay: January 2012


  • On the Other Hand: General (Inspirational)
  • Home to Stay: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurbs:

On The Other Hand - June McCullough

On The Other Hand – June McCullough

On the Other Hand

Have you ever wondered ‘What if’? On the Other Hand is an inspirational story that will touch your heart and have you both laughing and crying. When Mike Andrews dies suddenly from a stroke, Nina is left on her own. Her overwhelming grief soon turns to anger and then depression. Just when she thinks she is learning to endure, she crashes.

Pat McDermott is successful professionally, but her personal life has been a disappointment. Trying to balance life as a single mother with her career, she is totally unprepared when Gordon enters the scene.

Crushed by her grief, Nina carefully plans her suicide, but just as she is about to carry out her plan, there is a knock at her door. The visitor she finds on the other side will change her life in ways she never dared dream.

Home to Stay - June McCullough

Home to Stay – June McCullough

Home to Stay

Although she has never stopped referring to Aces Corral as her home, it has been two years since Diana Crawford has stepped foot on the ranch just outside Calgary, Canada. Her decision to return home was made just as abruptly as her decdision to leave, but ad Diana’s car pulls into the long driveway, she knows tht it is time once again to build the family ranch into a successful business. Little does she know that waiting for her return is a man determined to change everything.

In this contemporary cowboy romance, a woman on the fringes of finding her own inner strength must expose a web of deceit before she loses everything she has ever loved.

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