My First Book Signing!

Hey Everyone,

So at the weekend I had my first book signing. Granted it was just family and friends but I think it still counts.

We had nibbles and I made some cupcakes especially (picture below).

My Cursed Cupcakes

My Cursed Cupcakes


I had also arranged some freebies for my guests; bookmarks, magnets, business cards, photos (picture below).




So I was sat up to the table with my pen ready to sign away while my family queued up to have their books signed!

It was such a lovely feeling seeing these people I love with the book I wrote. I was touched that they had bought copies and that they wanted me to sign it.

Hardly anyone knew what unique message they wanted! So I had to get my creative brain working in order!

Here is a picture of one signed copy:

Me signing

Me signing


I hope this will be the start of many more! It was definitely a fun experience. For more pictures please visit my Facebook

On a slightly different note – I’m rather nervous today though as I am going to my niece’s primary school to talk to the children in her class about my book! I’ve never done anything like this so I hope it goes well 🙂


7 thoughts on “My First Book Signing!

  1. Aww, congrats, Georgina! I’m a little envious now – I never had a book signing. Most of my family members and friends don’t read, so it wouldn’t have been a turnout. 😦
    Good luck with your niece’s class. I hope it goes well!

    • Thanks, aw that’s a shame. Mine aren’t all big readers but they bought it to support me & to give it a try.

      It went really really well thank you. Something I’d love to do again.

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