Author Spotlight – Catherine Converse

Hey Everyone,

I know I am not due to do a post today but I just wanted to share this author with you I discovered from a Facebook group I’m in.

Catherine Converse

Catherine Converse

Author Bio: Catherine Converse lives with her husband and four amazing children in beautiful Montana. She studied Business at Carroll College and graduate work in Marketing Communications at West Virginia University. Her love of writing took off in her years working as a marketing consultant using creative writing to sell. Now she uses it to take readers on an adventure, or to share her passions.

If not writing, seeking out readers, or musing on motherhood chaos, Catherine loves most to be playing with her family – indoors and out, and focusing upward to show God her gratitude for such a blessed life.

Author: Catherine Converse


Currently out:

  • The In Between (The In Between #1),
  • Fallen Aspens

Coming soon: 

  • Fade To Silver (The In Between #2),
  • Coded in Stone (The In Between #3),
  • Secret Street (Secret Street #1),
  • Distant Silence (Secret Street #2)

Formats Available: Kindle ebook, .epub, .pdf, paperback

eBook Cost: 3.99 (

Paperback: $9.99

Publication date: August 26, 2012

Genre: Paranormal, Thriller, Suspense, YA, Drama (Light romance/psychological)

Book Blurbs:

Catherine Converse - The In Between

Catherine Converse – The In Between

The In Between:

Two girls with opposing backgrounds join a secret intelligence agency located deep in the earth, where their psychic dreams are used to prevent murder. As the girls form a unique friendship, they begin to dream about the same serial case, triggering a chaos that spirals through the agency tunnels, and proves the lives they need to save are their own.

Catherine Converse - Fade to Silver

Catherine Converse – Fade to Silver

Fade To Silver (December 2012):

Adie is forced into new territory when her dream overlaps with a complete stranger in a different part of the country, while Dannika escapes from Research, not accepting the new assets in her brain that will change the way she works forever. Despite their separation, their lives merge once again to solve a major corporate conspiracy case, where one man has already lost his life, and Adie has set interference in motion on the next victim in line. But the corporation holds something that is so special, they aren’t the only ones that are willing to kill for it.

With two young men battling for her affection, Adie struggles to keep focus on the case. Once again, Adie and Dannika become the targets, as they become identified as obstacles for those who are after the corporation’s unique discovery. Until it becomes clear that only one person has the power to stop the chain reaction that has begun. And only one question will reveal that person. Who holds the key?

The Secret Street Saga (A series of novellas written as episodes, released each month beginning December 2012):

Jemily wakes up to ambulance lights in the middle of the night to discover her old next door neighbor had passed away. In her attempt to discover the truth behind her neighbor’s death, she uncovers secrets of the neighborhood’s past and the old lady’s death was like an invitation to bring them all back, only this time, they’re here to stay.

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