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Whilst having a work meal I discovered a work colleague had a hidden talent. He told us about a photography group/s he was part of on Flickr called 365-2013 & 365-2013 Edition. These are groups where everyone involved takes a photo a day and posts it on the group.

It is to enable them to improve their photography skills and to try things they never have before.

My colleague shared his Flickr page with us and I was surprised by his talent and wanted to share it with all of you too.

Martin Potter

Martin Potter


Name: Martin Potter

Overview of life so far:

I’m 46 (but don’t tell anyone!) and married to Saskia who I met in Holland when I was working there as an ex-pat.. We don’t have children.  I’ve worked for the same IT company for 23 years and prior to that took a Computer Science degree at Leicester De Montford University.  I’m a technical architect/system designer and for most of those 23 years have worked on Space Systems.  We live in Surrey / Guildford and have done for about 20 years.  Hobby wise, of course I like photography but also golf, running, carpentry, technology.  If I hadn’t taken such an interest in computing in my youth I probably would have been a cabinet maker instead!

How long have you had this hobby?

I’ve been taking photo’s since I was in my 20’s but only started to do Digital in the last 4-5 years.  Before that I used a Minolta 35mm film SLR but if I’m honest never had great success with it.  I then bought a Nikon D80 digital SLR complete with a 18-200 zoom lens and never looked back.  Moving to digital really pushed me photographically as I could experiment and learn about photography in ways that were just not possible or practical with film (it’s also a lot cheaper!).  My D80 camera gave up the ghost a few years back so I now use a Nikon D300 and am very pleased with it.  Over the years I’ve also been building up a collection of lenses; one of the things I’ve learned is that the quality of the lens can make a real difference to the end result – much more so than the camera itself.  But unfortunately good lenses aren’t cheap, so I’ve been building them up gradually.

What made you take an interest in photography?

I guess it was technical interest primarily (I enjoy gadgets).  Photography is such a multi-faceted endeavour that you can never stop growing or learning from it.  It challenges you both technically and artistically.  I’m also interested in technology and these days the end result can be as much about how you process the image in the “digital darkroom” as what you do with the camera.

 As you’re involved in the 1 photo a day challenge –

How are you finding it?

It’s hard, especially during the week when I have to work.  Starting in the winter makes it harder because photo opportunities are limited (driving into and back from work in the dark).  I seldom have opportunities to take photographs at work so during the week most of my shots are taken in the evenings.  I’m also finding that as I progress further into the project that it’s getting harder to find new subjects.  I  want to post interesting photo’s for this project, not mundane ones, so there’s extra pressure as the 365 progresses.

However that said it’s also very enjoyable.  I post my daily shots to Flickr into a 365 group who are all very supportive.  There are about 500 of us in the group and we tend to feed off each other motivationally.  I knew when I took up the challenge that it would be hard, so this is no surprise, and the main point in doing the 365 is of course to take more photographs and to push my photographic boundaries.

Would you recommend it to other photographers?

Definitely.  This is my first 365 and whilst it’s hard I’m also finding it very enjoyable.  And you don’t need fancy equipment either – despite what I said above about lenses, there are people undertaking 365s using the camera on their phone.  It’s as much about the subject and the person behind the camera as the equipment used to capture it.

Would you do it again?

As I’m only just over one month in I’m not sure to be honest.  If I manage to complete this one (and many people don’t) then I will probably do another one, perhaps with a set theme.  There’s a guy called Matt in the Flickr group taking only landscape photo’s for his 365 – kudos to him as that is extremely difficult (in terms of time, opportunities and artistically).  Another (Stuart) is taking self portraits only, and has so far come up with some fabulous, original ideas.

Are you learning more from participating in this challenge?

Well the main objective in taking this up was to improve my visualisation – i.e. the ability to see an interesting image where I might otherwise have missed it – and I think that’s certainly improving.  I’m also learning more about the importance of light to a successful image (both natural and artificial).  I guess the two are connected, because good light can make a mundane subject look very interesting.

Looking further ahead I want to push myself in this 365 – so for example taking some sunrise or sunset landscape shots, more portraits (self portraits and even some of complete strangers), more night and street photography.  Basically things that take me out of my comfort zone but will (hopefully) result in some images that I can be proud of.

Please check out his Flickr page:

Here are some of his pictures:


Prepare for the jump to lightspeed... - Martin Potter

Prepare for the jump to lightspeed… – Martin Potter

Refracted Water Drops - Martin Potter

Refracted Water Drops – Martin Potter


Ragamuffin - Martin Potter

Ragamuffin – Martin Potter

Me, Myself and I [Explored] - Martin Potter

Me, Myself and I [Explored] – Martin Potter

Purple Fire - Martin Potter

Purple Fire – Martin Potter

Put the brakes on quick! - Martin Potter

Put the brakes on quick! – Martin Potter

Bodiam Castle (Long Exposure) in B&W - Martin Potter

Bodiam Castle (Long Exposure) in B&W – Martin Potter

Water Sculpture - Crown - Martin Potter

Water Sculpture – Crown – Martin Potter

Please check out his Flickr page for more fabulous photographs:


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