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Divorcees.Biz by Eileen Thornton

Divorcees.Biz by Eileen Thornton


Title: Divorcees.Biz
Author: Eileen Thornton

Genre: Chic-lit/Women’s Interest (Note From Author: Though I know of two men who have read and enjoyed the novel.)

Despite their different personalities, Connie, Sadie, Jenny, and Lucy have been friends for years.

Frustrated that they may never find ‘Mr Right’, these four, thirty-something, divorced women decide to set up an online dating agency with a difference: it’s for divorcees only. But will this be the answer to their problems? Or the beginning of a whole lot more?

And with so many delicious men to choose from, Who will be the first to find their ‘Mr Right’.

Release Date: 27th November 2012 – Kindle. January 2013 paperback
Where to buy:  Amazon

Reviews: Available on Amazon – Currently 10 to view.

Other Works:

  • The Trojan Project, a thriller. Can be obtained from the author at the moment 

Mini Interview:

1.      When did you first start writing?

It was Feb 2001 when I first decided to try my hand at writing. I began by taking a comprehensive course with the Writers Bureau. I then went on to write articles and short stories for women’s magazines.

 2.      What drew you to writing Chic-lit/Women’s Interest stories?

My first novel, The Trojan Project, was a thriller. When I came to start another novel, I decided I wanted to write something different. Something light, frothy and quirky; something which would give readers a chance to smile. Life can be so dull at times.

 3.      Where does your inspiration for these stories come from?

I really don’t know. Something pops into my head and I just go with it. I make everything up as I go along. Perhaps not the best way to do things, but it works for me.

 4.      What has your experience been like publishing with Amazon?

I haven’t actually published with Amazon myself. I submitted my novel to my publisher, SalGad Publishing, and once they had edited the manuscript they worked with Amazon.

 5.      Where is your favourite place to write?

I have converted the spare bedroom into my office. I sit out there for hours on end beavering away. My husband is an avid reader, so he is quite happy to let me get on with it while he enjoys his books.

 6.      Who are some of your favourite authors?

I enjoy reading books by C J Sansom, Rory Clements, Barbara Erskine and Karen Rose. But I also read numerous chic-lit novels.

 7.      I see your other work is a thriller – this is quite a change to, why did you decide to write a thriller?

As I explained earlier, The Trojan Project was my first novel. I wrote Divorcees.Biz because I wanted to lighten up a little and it worked! It was fun to write, which is why I have decided to write another chic-lit. I am going to call this one ‘I Haven’t a Clue!’


Thank you for letting us get to know you and your book, Eileen. We wish you the very best.

Everyone, please remember any questions or suggestions for Eileen please write them in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Author Profile – Divorcees.Biz

  1. Hi Eileen, you said you used to write for some women’s magazines, because of that I would have expected your first novel to of been a chic-lit. What made you want to write a thriller as your first novel instead? x

    • I had written a sort of chic-lit book, but it was rejected by publishers. Therefore I decided to write a thriller – something which would make publishers sit up and take notice. It seemed to work as I received a publishing contract. This time around I decided I wanted to go back to a chic-lit and Divorcees.Biz was born.

    • You are right, Sheila. My life is never dull. Sometimes, it’s a little mixed up, but not dull. Yes The Trojan Project was my debut novel. I think it is out of print now, though a few sellers still have it. It was going to be republished in the USA, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it never happened.

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