Author Spotlight – Paula Lofting

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I just wanted to share this author with you I discovered from a Facebook group I’m in.

Paula Lofting

Paula Lofting

Author Bio:  Paula Lofting was born in Middlesex and grew up in South Australia, returning to the country of her birth when she was sixteen. She currently works as a psychiatric nurse as well as writing in her spare time. She now lives in Sussex with two of her three children and is an active member of Regia Anglorum re-enactment society. It was always her ambition to write a novel but found that life lead her on other paths until, in her forties, she began on the journey that has led her to her first book. Sons of the Wolf is Paula’s debut novel and the first in a series of books about the Norman conquest of England.

Sons of the Wolf by Paula Lofting

Sons of the Wolf by Paula Lofting

Author:Paula Lofting

Book Titles:  Sons of the Wolf 

Formats available and price(s):

  • Paperback = UK £12.99 US $21.00,
  • eBook = UK £4.11 US $6.65

Publication date: 01st August 2012

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Book Blurb:  On bloody fields he fights for his life, but sometimes the enemy is closer to home… 1054, pious King Edward sits on the throne, spending his days hunting, sleeping and praying, leaving the security of his kingdom to his more capable brother-in-law Harold Godwinson, the powerful Earl of Wessex. Against this backdrop we meet Wulfhere, a Sussex thegn who, as the sun sets over the wild forest of Andredesweald, is returning home victoriously from a great battle in the north. Holding his lands directly from the King, his position demands loyalty to Edward himself, but Wulfhere is duty-bound to also serve Harold, a bond forged within Wulfhere’s family heritage and borne of the ancient Teutonic ideology of honour and loyalty.

Please check out her interview –  

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