Cursed Snippet

Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all thinking of some great questions for Karen Mahoney.

Whilst you do I wanted to share a snippet of Cursed with you.

Cursed by Georgina Hannan

Cursed by Georgina Hannan

            She knew this wasn’t good. The ominous smell of alcohol filled the hallway. Her husband was home. It was only a matter of time before he summoned her. He always wanted to speak to her after he’d been drinking. It was the only time he did.

            “Where’s your money, wench?”

            She sighed and left the room. So many times he’d demanded the money. The only thing he’d married her for, unbeknownst to him, she’d invested all the money, in ways that meant he could never access it.

            He stormed out the room after her. Her heart pumped. He really is in a bad mood tonight, she thought as she hurried down the hall to her room.

            He entered after her and locked the door. A vicious smile spread across his face as the alcohol gave him strength and courage.

            Mary was an independent woman, who knew what she wanted and she could, without doubt, dominate any relationship. This time even she felt threatened.

            The pair argued, their voices reverberating off the walls. He demanded the money, saying he’d kill her if she didn’t give it to him. She cackled at the pathetic man in front of her. He could never get her money, dead or alive.

            Her laugh snapped the last string of humanity left in him and he lunged at her with the fire iron. Her laughing continued as she reached for the large ornate statue on the table beside her. She bought it down on his head, splitting the porcelain. She hit him, again and again, with the remains until his body lay, unmoving on the floor. Blood pouring from his wound.

            She stripped and filled the bath tub with cold water; there was no time to heat it in front of the fire. She stepped in, strong and unflinching. It wasn’t the first time. Her body submerged in the already red water.

            She glanced at his corpse and smiled, then moved lower in the water. The servants heard her cruel laugh and shuddered, they’d heard that laugh many times before.

            To this day he is still undiscovered.


             Available in paperback and eBook now.


2 thoughts on “Cursed Snippet

  1. That was a chilling snippet, Georgina. At first it seemed like the husband was the bad guy, but by the end of it one just can’t be sure; the wife seemed equally demonic!

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