Cursed Cover Painting Presentation

Hey Everyone,

At the weekend I had a fantastic time at a private book signing again. This time it was different because I was presented with the actual painting for the Cursed front cover!

The painter is a friend and as a gift he framed and handed me the original painting to keep. I was so happy and grateful.

The painter, Michael Garvey, designed and painted the picture solely for Cursed. It was based upon guidelines I had given him and an inspirational trip to Wales.

Here is a picture of Michael handing me the painting 🙂

Michael Garvey handing Georgina Hannan the Original Cursed Painting

Michael Garvey handing Georgina Hannan the Original Cursed Painting

Here are some more pictures from the signing.

Posing after signing

Posing after signing

Georgina signing

Georgina signing

More can be found on the Cursed Facebook Page

For more information on Michael Garvey please visit his website & new address

For more information on Cursed please see the CURSED page.


One thought on “Cursed Cover Painting Presentation

  1. Michael Garvey you are truly an inspiration georgina i really like the fact your going all out to make yourself a success is amazing i feel truly inspired by this my website address has now changed the one yourave posted people can still view so its still cool !!! the only reason i say this is because your cover is not on the old one !!! and your links via ellie blog is on the new one no one that works as hard as you can fail honey !!! keep going you can really on my support !!!! rewards for all of us will come trust me big love and hugs !!!

    Osprey Arts

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