Bank Holiday Activities

Hey Everyone!

How has your week been?

Here in the UK we have just had our Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

I spent mine with my boyfriend and we chilled out and watched tons of films! So many I can’t remember them all.

Here are the films we watched in the Cinema and my opinions:

Jack the Giant Slayer

Great film and a lovely take on Jack & the Beanstalk. It is action packed and kept me hooked throughout the whole thing. Well worth seeing – 4*

Oz The Great And Powerful

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I am not a big fan of The Wizard of Oz but I really enjoyed this film. I found it answered so many questions I had about the original The Wizard of Oz. I would say this is well worth seeing too, even if you are not a fan. – 4*

The Croods

Absolutely amazing! It is a children’s animation film. I thought it was fantastic, funny and endearing. It was definitely an all rounder and a great film for all ages. – 5*

The Host

I was a little unsure how this film would be. The trailers looked great but I was worried that would be it. However, I was pleased that the film was actually very good indeed. I really enjoyed the characters and I was hooked. – 4*


So that was my bank holiday weekend – what did you do over the weekend?



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