Author Spotlight

Name: Kathleen Morris

Writing Genres: Christian Fiction Suspense/Thrillers

and Non-Fiction Christian Insperationals

Plays and Poetry



Book one in the BLOOD WAR TRILOGY

Size Seven Shorts


Deep Bay Vengeance (Book one)

Deep Bay Relic (Book Two)

Series Formats Available: Epub, Kindle, Mobie, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, Plain Text, sony, apple itunes, kobo,

Series Publication Date: Aug 18th Sept 11th

Size Seven Shorts: Dec 3, 2012

Time Will Tell – An Easter Play: Dec 31/2012

Short End Of The Stick – Jan 13/2013

Book Blurb Descriptions:

Short End of The Stick by Kathleen Morris

Short End of The Stick by Kathleen Morris

Short End Of The Stick –

Short inspirational stories about true life experiences that will change your life. Join in the spiritual journey of author Kathleen Morris as she unfolds the many personal experiences and entertaining stories of her life. Some would say she got the short end of the stick, but according to her, there is no short end…only opportunities to learn and grow.

Time Will Tell by Kathleen Morris

Time Will Tell by Kathleen Morris

 Time Will Tell – An Easter Play: TIME WILL TELL is a play about two teenage girls who travel back in time to witness the crucifixion of Jesus Christ first hand. It is a unique way of telling the Easter story, revealing a message of love, hope, and forgiveness. It will truly bring a personal touch to the crucifixion for young and old.


Size Seven Shorts:

Seven inspirational short stories that will change your life! Join in the spiritual journey through the adventures of Kathleen Morris, author of Deep Bay Vengeance and Deep Bay Relic, as she unfolds the many personal experiences and entertaining stories of her colorful life.

Deep Bay Vengeance by Kathleen Morris

Deep Bay Vengeance by Kathleen Morris

Deep Bay Vengeance:

When Loretta’s only son gets killed during a bank robbery, she sets out to find his killer no matter what the cost. The story brings us to a remote fly-in-fishing camp in Northern Saskatchewan where three very different people come together for very different reasons. Together they pursue truth, discover faith, and expose corruption of the human spirit deep in the heart of Canada’s north.

Deep Bay Relic by Kathleen Morris

Deep Bay Relic by Kathleen Morris

Deep Bay Relic:

Book Two in the Deep Bay Series. When a rustic lodge in Northern Saskatchewan becomes the nesting ground for diamond smugglers, Carla Reece finds herself in the middle. She and a myriad of others fall victim to circumstance and have to find their own way out of the wilderness. Survival becomes a quest for truth and self-discovery, with faith their only weapon against a foul ancient creature hidden in Deep Bay since the beginning

Author Bio:

I was born and raised in Saskatchewan and love to put a little bit of it in each book I write. My favorite genre is Christian Fiction Suspense but I’ve written poems and songs as well as many plays over the years.

I look at my writing as my ministry. I like to write about ‘real’ Christian people with flaws and show how they overcome them. I think we are all the same basically, with the same pressures in life, the same difficulties. I know I like to read about that and love to incorporate it all in my stories so we can all learn from each other.

I enjoy sitting in my office typing away. If you were a fly on my wall, you’d find me smirking, laughing, grumbling, and yes…even crying as I write my characters lives.

I consider my books as my babies…and I have two. Deep Bay Vengeance and Deep Bay Relic are two books in my first series. I thoroughly enjoyed writing both of them even though it took me ten years to get them published. I’m currently working on my next series. The Blood War Series…but for now…I will keep that a secret 🙂

I have raised three grown children and find that my nest is empty now since they have all moved away…but since I’ve filled it with my new babies…I never feel alone. Yes I see my grown children often and spend time with my hubby of twenty five years…but I always seem to be thinking of story ideas because writing is and always will be my passion!


Facebook Personal Page:

Twitter: twitter@storytellerkat




Author Interview With Kathleen Morris

  1. When did you start writing? I started writing probably about fifteen years ago when my youngest was three. I wrote for a small town newspaper as a correspondent. I didn’t make much money but I loved it. Then I just found myself writing more and more. I began to write plays and some of them were performed in my church. One of my plays titled Gotta Love It  won Saskatchewan’s Rural Writing contest and was performed by The Dancing Sky Theatre in Meacham, Saskatchewan. It was thrilling to have a professional theatre troupe perform my work. I guess it all spiralled from there. My family and I moved to an acreage as the kids started getting older and I decided to try my hand at writing a book. That’s when Deep Bay Vengeance was born. It took me a couple years but I did it. And then it’s sequel was born: Deep Bay Relic.
  2. You talk about your books like they are your children. Why is that? Yes! I like to refer to them as my children. Every word, every sentence, every chapter was uniquely crafted together just like when you’re expecting a baby. It takes a lot of work to grow a baby. Nine months of watching your stomach grow. It took me a lot longer to grow my books but little by little I watched it get bigger and bigger until it became a real story. And the characters in it grew as well. One by one they were born. Writing is a deep personal thing really. So much of myself comes though without me even realizing it. Bit by bit the books takes on a personality of their own until one day, labour starts and a newborn story is born. My story, by characters, my baby. They hold a special place in my heart. That’s kind of strange I know. People call me crazy. That’s okay, I kind of am. You have to be if you want to write. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  3. Why do you write Christian fiction? I settled on writing Christian fiction because my faith is important to me. I want everyone to know God. I’ve been through a lot of hard things in my life and without God, I wouldn’t have made it. I really believe that and I want other people to have that as well. So, I write Biblical truths into my character’s lives and God’s love into every story I write.
  4. What process of writing do you use? Well, I’m a non-traditional writer. I don’t like to pre-plan anything. I don’t have charts and notes or anything like that. I sit down and place my fingers on the keyboard and start to type. I’ve talked to other writers who can’t understand my technique but that’s okay. Every writer is different. I guess for me, I just love a good surprise. I like not knowing what is around the corner or who will get into trouble next. The best way to describe the way I write is, writing by the seat of my pants. Usually I shock myself by writing a character off that I didn’t expect to. I’ve cried my heart out over the death of a character I didn’t intend to kill off. It’s crazy I know, but that’s part of the thrill of writing for me. I’m just as surprised as my readers when something bad happens. I like that!
  5. What do you think makes a good story? I think a good story should have a little bit of everything. Though I like to write suspense/thrillers it wouldn’t be a good book if it didn’t have romance mixed with it. My characters also have to go through a moral struggle and come out learning a lesson. That is a must. And when I write, I like to leave a person hanging with something suspenseful. Each page, each chapter, has to grab me, and ultimately has to grab the reader. If it doesn’t, I’m bored and I just don’t read it. I think my readers feel the same way and so that is why I deliver that to them.
  6. What style of writing do you like best? I like to write in the third person. First person bothers me. I guess because it doesn’t sound real to me. I have to read and write realistically. I have a problem with fantasy. My kids make fun of me because I don’t like fairy tales but that’s just me. I’ve always been like that and I guess I always will be. It has to be realistic! I also like to get inside the heads of each of my characters and throughout the book I give each character a chance to tell the story through their eyes.
  7. Are you working on your next book? I just finished my new book called THE PRION ATTACHMENT, first in the BLOOD WAR TRILOGY. It’s a post apocolyptic thriller about biological warfare hitting the U.S. I am currently working on book two, but that will remain a secret until it’s released in a few months.



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