Now Revealing…

… The OBSESSION Cover!

Hey Everyone,

I am so excited to be able to share the cover for book 2 in the Cursed Series called Obsession, with you all.

Obsession Blurb:

There’s a fine line between Obsession and Madness.

After a strange and exciting holiday, Daisy is looking forward to the new start University life will bring.

A life changing assignment makes her question the fine line between Obsession and Madness.

Can she tell the difference?
Can you?

The picture below was painted for me by the same artist who did Book 1 Cursed – Michael Garvey!

Obsession by Georgina Hannan

Obsession by Georgina Hannan

Hoping for release Dec-13

Please leave your comments in the section below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Now Revealing…

  1. Great cover and I LOVE the blurb!!! it’s making me wonder the difference now! lol i’ll stay tuned for updates as I really wanna buy this when it comes out.

  2. i think with this cover i reached what i wanted to reach !!!! which was to give you a one off original cover for your book .. a cover that would draw people into your book ,,, and a picture that none of your contemporary’s have ,i think i actived my goal xx

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