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Recently I was introduced to the event Comic Con. Here in the UK events like this aren’t that well known unless you are an avid follower.

This year I found out about it through my sister, as her and her partner are off to Comic Con in London this weekend! As it’s her first time of going she isn’t dressing up.

She is part of a group on Facebook for it and people post images of their costumes. I have been very surprised by the amount of effort some people are going to with their costumes!

People are really getting into it and it all does seem rather exciting! Zombies are looking scary, action fighters are armoured up and pale skin is transformed into all different kinds of colours! I am so excited to see all her pictures when she comes back.

This got me thinking though, I know we have writers’ fairs and conventions but do we have anything like this for some of our genres that aren’t comic related? Would it even be worth doing?

I must confess I have never attended a writer’s fair so I don’t know the full extent of what does or doesn’t happen but I really would love to go eventually.

Have you ever been to Comic Con before? Did you dress up? What was it like for you?

Have you ever been to a writer’s fair or convention? What was it like for you?


3 thoughts on “Fairs, Conventions, Events

  1. I can’t wait for Comic Con this weekend. As you have mentioned it’s my first time and I’m really looking forward to understanding about it more.

    I would love there to be one for fiction stories as well, just thinking about some of the books I have read and what I would dress up as is making me feel like there really should be one!! Plus would be a great way for unknown authors to get more exposure and to get tips off ones that have done well and are well known in the industry! 🙂

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