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Please welcome Virginia S. Nelson who writes under the initials V. S. Nelson !

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Series Title: Sekhmet’s Guardians

Titles: Eternal Lovers (1/2013) Eternal Nights (5/2013)
Author:  V.S. Nelson

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Eternal Lovers by V. S. Nelson

Eternal Lovers by V. S. Nelson

Eternal Lovers:

When two hidden worlds collide near modern day Lake Michigan, Jennifer, a young Native American, is confronted with the reality, not everything is as it seems and things do go bump in the night. The questions she has long since asked are answered in this epic tale of self discovery when she meets Gabriel; the director of Guardians Incorporated.

Born in New Tuat, Netchkhet, now known as Gabriel, came to Earth some five thousand years ago to protect the human race. Disillusioned because of an unfulfilled prophecy, he has become cold and distant — even from those of his kind. Secretly, he waits for his enemy to take his head so he may leave this world for good.

Can a tiny Selkie melt his hardened heart and restore his faith in a power far greater than himself? When history repeats itself, can he save her from death’s embrace or will they be robbed of a future again?


Eternal Nights by V. S. Nelson

Eternal Nights by V. S. Nelson


With each passing day, Jessica’s consciousness grew stronger. For twenty years, she was content to remain as she was—trapped inside another. The life she led came to an abrupt end the moment she laid eyes on Raphael.  At first, she suspected they were destined to be together–his gentle touch confirmed it. Although he didn’t know it, he ignited waves of a fiery passion that burned deep into her soul. It became brighter every day, giving her the strength she needed. Somehow she would find a way to free herself from her grandmother’s powerful magic.

            Raphael thought he was going mad? Hearing the wolf’s thoughts was one thing but what he experienced at night when he slept was all together different. He accepted the simple fact, most men at one time or another would have a wet dream. But come on, the same woman for months. Give a guy a break, will ya?

Release Date:  E.L. 1/2013  E.N 5.2013
Where to buy:  Amazon
Reviews: At the time I am writing this E.N is not yet released – I am happy  to say that E.L to date has been graciously been granted 8 5star reviews and they are still rolling in.

Other Work currently available:  Cupid and Penelope (1/2013)


Eternal Lovers: Shocked by what she saw, she bolted out of bed, only to find herself standing in her night gown in her own room, alone.

She threw herself back on the bed she’d slept in and cried. She wept from the shock, from the longing and from the pleasure she could still feel all over her body. It was Jennifer’s first wet dream and orgasm. Pleasurable as it was, she felt like she betrayed her marriage vows.

Seeing Gabriel’s eyes was an even bigger surprise to her, but then she remembered her body’s reaction to him as she stroked his chest the day before. She lit up like fireworks when he leaned over and kissed her in a friendly matter, thanking her for being so understanding. It had been so long since she felt a man’s touch. Her mature body ached to know the pleasures only a man could bring her. Had that brought about the dream?

Eternal Nights: “Raphael, do you hear me? We have to move her now!” shouted Michael, grabbing hold of Raphael’s shoulder.


“We have to get her to the coach. I need to stitch her up before she bleeds out.”

“Fuck that!” He knew what he had to do. He brushed Jessica’s hair from her closed eyes.

“Forgive me baby, you may not want this, but I cannot let you die. I love you too much to watch you die.”

He thought he loved her from the moment he first laid eyes on her; when she came to him in a vision and when she saved his life. He knew it for sure now as she lay dying in his arms. He would do anything and everything he could to save her.

With his free hand he brought his wrist up to his canines and bit deep. He forced her mouth open and lowered his wrist, forcing his blood down her throat. He didn’t take time to comprehend what he was doing or the repercussions that might follow. By giving her his blood after she saved his life by gifting her blood to him, he was completing a necessary part of the life bonding ceremony–they would be bound together from now on.


Mini Interview:

1        Do you have a certain routine you have for writing? i.e. You listen to music, sit in a certain chair?

I’m pretty strict with my routine. I write at least five days a week, if not seven. My office is actually in my living room where I have plenty of light and can walk out onto my deck if I’m feeling the need for fresh air. I write in first thing in the morning while I drink my coffee and usually remain there until afternoon – taking small breaks in between sprinting sessions. Not wanting to be distracted, I write in complete silence – no music, no phone, no company. 

2        Do you use a computer/laptop for your first draft or are you a pen and paper writer? 

I’m a computer nerd and I couldn’t read my own handwriting if I tried so I tend to write my rough draft on my desk top. I have a large TV sized monitor which helps me see my work. A little unknown fact, I was legally blind until a year ago. Although I could see, using my ½ thick glasses I needed the large screen with enlarged sized print to read it. They finally came up with a surgery for my eyes. I’m happy to report I now no longer require glasses and have 20/20 and 20/30 vision. Miracles do exist!

3        How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to finishing writing it?

Oh, that’s a good one. I guess it depends on the project. Eternal Lovers took just about three years from the rough draft (which I wrote in two weeks) to the finished project; where as Eternal Nights took only about 18 months. I tend to sprint my first drafts so they are completed pretty quickly. Of course there are a lot of edits and rewrites to be done before it is ever seen – even by my beta readers.

4        Can you describe the feeling you had when you saw your published book for the first time?

Holding the ARC (advanced released copy) was the greatest feeling I have ever had. To actually not only see, but to hold something you created was beyond my wildest dream.

5        Who are some of your favourite authors? 

I don’t think we have enough time for me to list them all since I read across genres but I do have a few well established authors always on my mind. In paranormal romance, I love J.R. Ward and her black dagger brotherhood. When it comes to Urban Fantasy you can find an Alexandra Ivy book in my hand. Historical Fiction – Marion Zimmerman Bradley with her Mists of Avalon.  I’m also a big fan of the classics  and when I have nothing else in on my TBR list you can find my nose glued to H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.

6        What piece of advice would you give to a new writer?

Since I have been writing for close to thirty years (not in this genre) I’ve witnessed a lot of changes in what is deemed sellable. Authors often hear – this is what is selling, this is how to do this – this is not acceptable, etc. Book trends change as often as clothing and hair styles so my age old advice is to not only learn the “craft of writing,” but to stay true to your characters and voice. Just because something is selling or hot right now doesn’t mean it will be next year. I’ve watched a lot of authors deliberately change their voice and genre hoping to sell. Sadly, that genre is not always a right fit. Listen to your Muse and don’t try to force it. Break a few rules if you must.  You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

7        Would you share a deep dark secret about you with us?

Not sure if this would qualify as a deep dark secret but one of the stories I am working on now, Sins of a Man, the Story of a Mafia Hitman, – a historical (and commercial) fiction is based upon a man I knew and loved in real life. His story is dark yet exciting. Of course the names are changed for obvious reasons.  In many ways the book will be a tribute to one whose life came to a horrific end  before he truly had a life of his own to live. It’s the hardest piece I have ever had to write. Not sure when it will be released since I can only work on it in small time lots. I usually end up walking away from my computer either in tears or shaking.


Thank you for letting us get to know you and your books, Virginia. These books sound really good indeed and I loved your answers to the interview questions.

Everyone, please remember any questions or suggestions for Virginia please write them in the comments section below.


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