I am uber excited today because I have a ticket for tonight’s Cineworld Unlimited Secret Screening!

They have been giving away clues since Tuesday 04th June. I have a few ideas about what it is but am so excited to find out for sure…

We know it is a 12a film and something that is before it’s UK release date…


“Fly in and join us for a wild ride”

“The stars are looking for assistance, will you be the brave volunteer? This job is too big for just one man”

“Can one from seven equal four? Without law having dominion, chaos would leave things in the hands of the gods…”

“Who is he? He shrugged and moved from one land to another. However there are some who never left and he stood alone…”

“What kind of man can join people together with the ground we all walk upon? Beware his cold that overwhelms us all…”

“Face your responsibility, don’t shy away from things that you were meant to do. You may have your own free will but you are not a free man…”

“He may have fought the natives near the buffalo but would he be king of the Indians?”

“Their revelation meant mass slaughter for man. Do transports of red, black & white mean victory or are we vanquished?”

“Come to the World of Cine tonight where upon the
silver screen you will see a mysterious film”

My Guesses (in no particular order):

  1. Hunger Games 2
  2. Thor 2
  3. Lone Ranger
  4. Now you see me

I am pretty sure it has to be a big film as there is so much hype about it! I will update you all on what it turns out to be.

Who else is going?


3 thoughts on “EXCITED MUCH?

  1. I’m going!!! Can’t wait my guess list is roughly the same as yours except mine includes Pacific Rim instead – That’s the one I think it is.

  2. From those clues you gave I thought for sure it would be Thor! Then I read the Indians clue and immediately thought of Lone Ranger. Whatever it is, it all sounds very exciting! I hope you have fun. 😀

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