Today is mine & my boyfriends 2 year ‘anniversary’.

He has been so great to me for most of it (hehe) so I thought I’d do a little post to celebrate.

We have been through so much together during our two years, both good and bad and yet here we are still going strong.

I find it difficult having a relationship sometimes because you have to share a large part of your life with someone and it can be difficult opening up and letting them in.

Chris, my boyfriend, has been one of my best friends since before we got together and still remains one of them as well as my boyfriend.

Currently we are away on holiday in Cornwall, in a little “Hobbit Hut” which is a little hut offered by the Acorn Camping company.

I will fill you all in on my holiday soon, until then…

Happy 2 years Chris, I love you lots and lots xx


3 thoughts on “HAPPY 2 YEARS

  1. Ahhh thats so sweet you are mostly good together he he xx and I know Christopher loves you so much (more than me ) boo hoo xxx enjoy the rest of your week xxx

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