In Loving Memory…

… Of a dear friend, father, husband, brother, uncle… Peter West.

A year ago today the world lost a most fantastic person. Peter was one of the kindest and most generous people I know.

He was like a second father to me and my twin, he was never too old to mess around with us and his son Andy.

Peter always worked hard in everything he did and he was the best father, husband and friend anyone could ask for.

Today I wanted to do this post to remind him we are all still thinking about him. He is forever in our hearts and our thoughts.

The music below reminds me of him because his love for everyone he knew will never end and I can picture him staring down at us all and watching how our lives turn out & cheering us on for our successes.

We will never forget you Peter xxxx


4 thoughts on “In Loving Memory…

  1. This is such a lovely sentiment. It has me all choked up! Peter we loved you in life and will love you always going forward. You have a wonderful wife and son still which mean the world to me as friends.

    You really were one of those very very special people in life and I can honestly say I am honoured to have known you. xxx

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