To spook or not to spook?



Happy Halloween for yesterday everyone!

I know in America Halloween can be a very big deal however I find here in the UK it’s not so much. We generally face the question…

To spook or not to spook?

Which did you choose?

I will admit I’m not a fan of the UK Halloween. I am one of the grumpy houses who don’t open the door. Why is this? Because I’m frightened about what might be on the other side! Plus I get fed up of getting up and down all the time to answer the door!

If you chose to spook – did you go out trick or treating or did you decorate your house & wait for victims? Or did you have a party and play spooky games?

I love the Hollywood idea of Halloween with everyone in the street participating, dressing up, having parties and making it fun and scary.

So please leave a comment about what you did this Halloween 🙂 


2 thoughts on “To spook or not to spook?

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