Remember Remember…

… the 5th of November, Gun Powder, Treason & Plot!

I know of no reason, Why the Gunpowder treason, Should ever be forgot!

Firework Night

Firework Night

Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes day or commonly known as Firework Night!

The evening always begins with wrapping up in warm clothes and heading to the park. Then you find your spot ready for the firework display. Always a chorus of “Ooohs”, “ahhhhs”, “Wows” and adults and children covering their ears from the loud bangs.

After the spectacular display (hopefully) everyone heads to the food carts to get something to munch and then heads to the large bonfire ready for the lighting.

After the “guys” are on the fire and the fire is lit everyone stands chatting and watching the flames dance and engulf the wood pile.

It can be a magical and romantic night, but you must always remember the reason behind the tradition.

Do you ‘celebrate’ Firework Night? Do you have a party or go to the one arranged by your council?


4 thoughts on “Remember Remember…

  1. I love firework and bonfire night! 🙂 on Saturday 2nd Nov I went to my local firework and bonfire display with my partner in Farnham. Despite the windy weather it was great, the wind held off for the fireworks and made for an interesting bonfire – we all had to move back a couple of feet as the bonfire got a little out of hand! It was great fun.

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