Always in our hearts

Recently I found out I’d lost a friend.

I had been worried about my friend Jan for a while. However as I like in the UK and she in the US we could only communicate via email. Every day I checked my emails to see if I’d had a reply from her. nothing. I spoke to a few people she knew and in the end we discovered her obituary online.

It is a horrible way to find out that you’ve lost a friend. It came as a great shock and I still check my emails expecting a reply from her.

Jan was a lovely lady. She died on 08th October at only 55.

She took me under her wing and helped me with my writing as I did her. We had a lovely friendship and one I’ll look back on with joy.

Her wish was that her Publisher would publish any books she had sent her after her passing and so Teresa is doing her best to make those available to us.

Her books are listed below she had a pen name Marantha D. Jenelle – please make every effort to take a look.

All are available on both &

For anyone who knew Jan you’d know how important her writing was to her and her constant need to learn new skills. We should all admire her for that.

In case you are interested, the link to her obituary is below.

We will remember you Jan.

Love your “heart daughter” x

(her nickname for me)


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One thought on “Always in our hearts

  1. Aww it’s awful you had to find out the way you did but this is a lovely post to her. I will definitely be buying a copy of her books.
    R.I.P Jan

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