Hey Everyone,

So it’s moving towards mid-November and finally the London area of UK are starting to feel the winter hand.

Over the weekend I finally succumbed to the cold weather and put my heating on!

This got me thinking… During the cold times, I reach for comfort food and my duvet. I love this time of year when I am on leave from work because I get time to “hibernate”. To spend weekends wrapped up in the duvet and just watching films.

So how do you keep up a diet or healthy eating during this time?

Do you have any recipes you like to bring out for winter? Any you’d like to share with us here in the comments?

Any comments on keeping fit during the cold season when no one really wants to venture out into the cold?


5 thoughts on “Chilly

  1. Lately I’ve been trying out the idea of meal planning, and it’s really helped us keep our eating on track – plus it’s cut down on food costs! When you know what you’re going to make for each meal of the week ahead of time, you can take one big shopping trip, instead of going several times a week and impulsively buying whatever you see on the shelves!

    As far as exercise goes…I’m still struggling with that one a bit, but I’ve started doing small things like squats and toe-touches etc while cooking (while waiting for the water to boil, the oven to pre-heat, and all that sort of stuff!). It doesn’t ever seem like much at the time, but it adds up and you can really feel it by the end of the day!

    I’m with you though – comfort food and cuddling under the blankets always sounds so much better!! Good luck 🙂

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