Love is in the air?


Today is a day some people love & some hate. This is irregardless of whether or not they are happily in a relationship or happily single.

I personally am in a happy relationship, however I dislike Valentines day. It is over priced and selfish. Why should there only be 1 day a year where you really show the person you love that you love them? This is something that should be done every day.

I do buy a card and a little gift for my partner but I tend not to go over board. I prefer to splash out of our Anniversary instead.

Do you love or hate Valentines day?

Also, my lovely friend Ellie Williams is holding a competition for Valentines day! You can win one of her books in either ebook or paperback format & have your mini story featured in her book!

Check out this link for more information:

Competition ends TODAY @ 5:00pm (GMT Time)

❤ Remember to make sure you tell one person today you love them ❤


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