Support in the modern world

Support, what is support?

The dictionary definition of support is:

Support Definition

Support Definition

However, I see support as something other than just material and financial. I also see it as the network of friends, family and work colleagues you have whom ‘support’ you on a daily basis to achieve your goals, better your life or just help you plod along.

Family and close friends are the people who are supposed to be there for you through thick and thin. To spur your life on knowing you will return the favour.

Recently I’ve been noticing this isn’t the case. In the modern world it seems too much that everyone is just out for themselves and the support network that you once had is no longer there.

Family, at least in my case, are always there but friends come and go. It is natural that as you go you change and your friendships and relationships change too. In these cases some friends or even family, drop off to find something new.

As a self-published writer you rely heavily on your support network to help you to promote your work, to read it, review it and shout about it. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to get your name known.

However, it’s not easy anymore. I’ve found it very hard to rely on my support network to help spread the word. I’ve surprised my family and I’m sure my friends with actually publishing my work however very few of my support network actively spread the word about my books. It’s very sad and disheartening when you ask someone you rely on to read & review your book & they don’t. Or to attend an event and they don’t respond. Or to just share a Facebook status or Re-tweet a Twitter post & they don’t.

The modern world doesn’t have much time for support anymore. Everyone is out for success and everyone is out alone.

However, my recent experience hasn’t been all bad, since I’ve been a published author and a blogger, I’ve met some fantastic writers and I feel privileged to call some of them my friends.

I like to support new or struggling authors as much as I can, because I know how hard it is and I want to offer the support that I don’t always receive.

If you only take away 1 thing from reading this post, please take this:

Think about the friends and family you have. Think about your recent or not so recent interactions with them. Could they have been better? Can you support them more? If you answer yes to even one of these, then message them. Let them know you still care.


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