Monday 14th April


You may have noticed I mentioned in my last post on Friday about posting more about what I am getting up to.

Why is this?

So you can all learn more about who the ‘Author Georgina Hannan’ really is!

What have I been up to then?

This weekend I was with my partner. We went bowling with his brother. It has been a LOOOONG time since I last went bowling & if definitely showed! Ha

I had the sides up so I managed to miss the “gutter balls” however I think I only went above 100 (103) once!

We played 3 games and I lost 2 out of 3. My partner’s brother won them all but then he used to be part of an actual bowling team so he had the unfair advantage! Hehe

At one point I dropped the ball mid throw & it went backwards! Luckily I didn’t hit anyone and I put some talc stuff on the ball and my hand to stop it slipping. I must admit it was a great laugh even if I did lose.

Also went to the cinema & watched Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier & Noah.

Captain America was fantastic! I love superhero movies and I wasn’t disappointed. There was tons of action and fighting in it, along with a few humorous sections, so a perfect film.

Noah was definitely a darker version of the Bible story! It was well written and well acted though. It was a very long film and I did begin to get a little fidgety however it was worth seeing. 

A little warning for those of you who are very religious in your beliefs… You may not like all the aspects of film, however you should still give it a chance.

It wasn’t at all how I expected and I was pleasantly surprised.

How was all your weekends? Did you get up to much?



4 thoughts on “Monday 14th April

  1. Nice to see you have a fun weekend.

    My partner has Saturday off which made a change, we had a lay in and then went over to Basingstoke to get him some black trousers and chilled out for the day really.
    Sunday we caught up on loads of our TV programmes we love and we made a gorgeous cooked breakfast. A great weekend.
    I’m looking forward to the long Easter weekend, even though my partner will be working all but 1 day.

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